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At Dant Clayton, our Next Level innovation is at the forefront. Through collaboration with clients, functional improvements, and new product development, we’re re-inventing the future of seating solutions.

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Hancock Whitney Stadium: a view of the stadium system showcasing the field and bleacher seating.


We offer comprehensive stadium seating solutions, handling every aspect from initial planning to final construction. Let us elevate your home field advantage to the next level.

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Rupp Arena: a view of Rupp Arena's indoor bleacher seating.


From basketball to ice hockey and beyond, we offer expert planning, construction, and maintenance services tailored for your indoor arena project. Let us be your trusted partner in delivering projects on time and within budget, and in taking your team’s spirit and fan experience to the Next Level.

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Norton Healthcare Sports Learning Center- an indoor facility featuring custom stadium bleachers.

Specialty Venues

Discover the exceptional seating solutions for specialty venues that cater to your fans and community. From aquatic centers to tennis courts, rodeos, indoor tracks, speedways, and multipurpose indoor facilities for concerts and graduations, we offer a diverse range of seating structure options.

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Dant Clayton's alum-a-stand features custom bleacher seating and a press box.


From Friday night football to thrilling soccer games and baseball double headers, our grandstands are meticulously designed to elevate your fan experience to the Next Level. Whether you require tailored seating solutions or prefer our pre-designed and engineered options, we have you covered.

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